Table of Contents


Fired at Fifty-seven: 

My Fight for Justice in Christian Academia


Ruth A. Tucker


Table of Contents



Preface: “The Mysterious Case of Prof. Tucker”

Introduction: Unsealing the Environment


  1.  Does Anyone Have to Know: Shaming and Self-doubt


  1.  The Smoking Gun: An Academic Dean’s Dishonest Evaluation


  1.  Gender Tenured: Sex Discrimination in Plain Sight


  1.  Slandered and Sidelined: Renewal for “Ungodly Conduct”


  1.  Hot flashes and Hardball: Gender Differences Disregarded


  1.  Surveillance and Psychological Testing: More than Paranoia


  1.  Academic Mobbing: Colleagues Joining the Posse


8.      A Mothers’ Day Letter: Unbridled Anger Leading to Mediation 


9.      Hysterical Woman: 35 Minutes of “Incoherent Rage”


10.   A Fired-up Aftermath: Going Public and Celebrating Freedom


Epilogue: A Final Word

Notes: A Short Explanation




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